With more IoE and AI controlled centers comes the need for new secure ways to monitor and control your critical assets. Our smart solutions give you complete situational awareness, safeguard your centers and protect your data.

Operational Technologies

Operational Technologies

Not only is it important that you be able to see your facility data and control it through software and hardware that are seamlessly integrated into the center’s architecture, it is critical that you be able to protect your facility, protect the data within it, and save money while doing all of this.

The Team

Our multi-discipline team includes ICS/SCADA Architects, Engineers, Software Developers, Cybersecurity Experts, Network Designers, and Installation and Facility Operation Technicians. This broad group brings unparalleled expertise and hands-on experience to the design and implementation of their solutions.

Our Development and Testing Process

  • CPG looks at each project from a holistic perspective and involves our clients’ Facility and IT teams throughout the entire project
  • CPG professionals utilize a full range of technologies to ensure you can do it all including ICS, DCIM, SCADA, BAS, EPMS, and Security and Surveillance systems.
  • Our team designs and deploys solutions that offer a simple, straightforward interface for our clients, including a single sign on, “single pane of glass”, and interactive data access.
  • Our solutions are built on a quick deployment platform that integrates all available facility data into a high performance, real-time, distributed platform and include all the tools necessary to create and deliver rich visualization of actionable information, in real-time.
  • We utilize a development and testing laboratory to fully analyze every component of the system and perform penetration testing and vulnerability analysis.
  • Our digital forensics and cyber assurance services surrounding ISC identify the weaknesses– and strengths – of your security infrastructure before attackers do.
  • We employ a range of unique penetration testing tools for testing SCADA systems, going beyond automated vulnerability scanning
  • We use a hybrid approach with both automated code scanners and hands on, manual analysis to conduct a thorough security review of your application.